Monday, November 14, 2011

Mount Abu (September 6-9 2008)

I was on BNHS's first trip to Mount Abu. The site was at Camp Abu Wild. I didn't know Rajasthan would be so green. Maybe because when you think of the place, you think dry desert! The place is marvellous - lush and luxuriant - with a large number of water bodies scattered throughout.
The treks were exhilarating (and literally breathtaking at points!!). The group was made up of mainly 60+ members, so though I am pushing 50, I was regarded as 'young'(!). Though I missed Isaac, I enjoyed interacting with our young leader Nikhil Bhopale, a 24 year old, who more than made up for his lack of experience with his gung ho attitude, enthusiasm, cheerful smile and readiness to help. He has a great future ahead of him. Thanks are also due to Nikhil Mori and Yogendra Jhala, another youngster who provided able support as also the entire team at Auro Adventures.
Mr.Jugal Kishore Tiwari is one of the most passionate nature lovers I have ever come across. He was untiring and unrelenting in his quest On the last but one day, a majority of the group finally sighted a small flock of the beautiful green bird with its zebra stripe markings feasting in a cornfield! What a wonderful experience!
As for me, my trip will also remain memorable for the glimpse of the scimitar babbler, black lored tit, pallid harrier, brown headed barbet, brown rock chat, oriental white eye and the yellow eyed babbler.
Guys, I have fallen in love with the wildlife paradise that is our country. I hope with all my heart that nature lovers everywhere will do their utmost to preserve its wildernesses for the generations to come.

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